Poker Aficionados Can Now Own Content From The WPT And The NFT Heritage

Fans of the World Poker Tour will soon be able to purchase limited-time packs on an NFT marketplace and own particular moments from the WPT by logging in there. These packs will contain one-of-a-kind content.



Fans will have the opportunity to bid on a 3 for 3 moment with iconic poker pundit and personality Mike Sexton as part of the WPT’s premier launch of its own NFT marketplace. The World Poker Tour (WPT) will be holding a live online auction to dispose of this unique NFT-parcel. During the auction, a special tribute will be paid to Sexton, who was a respected WPT analyst who unfortunately passed away in September due to cancer.


Other unique WPT moments will also be up for grabs in the NTF marketplace, each of which will have a different degree of prominence and rarity associated with it. On the day of the auction, all of these things will be available, and prospective bidders will be pleased to learn that the page for sign-ups and pre-registrations is already active and can be accessed.


Significant Step For The WPT

The CEO of the World Poker Tour, Adam Pliska, was quoted in a recent press release as saying that the introduction of the marketplace is one of the most significant digital projects that the World Poker Tour brand has ever attempted. Pliska stated that the WPT brand is quite excited about the prospect of providing fans with the option to own a historical piece of World Poker Tour action in real time.


The Theta Network will provide an environmentally safe and ThetaDrop NFT marketplace. This marketplace has been established and developed from the ground up expressly to fulfill the criteria of what the WTP is seeking to give fans who are interested in owning a piece of the action. The project will be powered by the Theta Network.


A Word On The Technology

Tony Dunst, a two-time winner of a bracelet at the World Series of Poker and a commentator for the World Poker Tour, expressed his excitement about the ongoing convergence of poker and the cryptocurrency arena. The technology that is utilized by the Theta Network is based on the technology that is used by cryptocurrencies. Dunst has expressed that the possibility of acquiring some of the new financial tokens (NFTs) being distributed by the Theta Network across the WPT has sparked a great deal of excitement within him personally.


NFTs are the most advanced application of the blockchain technology currently available. They are offered to purchasers in the form of digital tokens that may be exchanged for a wide variety of different types of digital files. These digital data are able to take on a variety of forms, such as video content, audio samples, and different types of virtual art.


An identical “tokenised” piece of artwork was just recently sold by the digital artist known as “Beeple” for a cool $69 million. The transaction took place in March of this year.






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